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We feel very fortunate to have received testimonials from our patients,

reflecting on their journeys and how Dr. Rabin helped them.


Here are some of our favorites:

January 12th, 2016
My friend recommended Dr. Rabin to me and I am so happy that I took her advice. He was kind, patient and took time to listen to me. Although his practice does not accept my insurance, I will do everything I can to make sure that I can continue seeing him.


January 17th, 2016
This is my second time to see Dr. Rabin and I am very impressed with Dr. Rabin. He took his time examining me and explaining each procedure he was performing. Excellent bedside manner. We need more doctors like Dr. Rabin!


Verified Patient
January 17th, 2016.
Dr.Rabin is amazing! I refuse to change to a different office even though my insurance doesn’t cover him. He’s the best!


January 29th, 2016.
Dr. Rabin is the best! He listens to you and address all your concerns as opposed to my previous doctor. I changed gynecologists and found Dr. Rabin online when I was desperately looking for a doctor that would listen. Dr. Rabin saved my life!


Last year I had a hysterectomy and went into surgically induced menopause. My hormones have been all over the place and i saw 2 doctors prior to Dr. Rabin who couldn’t help me. Dr. Rabin assured me we would figure it out. He was right! Yay!!


I felt very comfortable with Dr. Rabin. He’s personable while being professional, informative, efficient yet warm & unhurried. A positive, pleasant experience.


Steven Rabin is a wonderful doctor! I’ve never experienced a doctor who provides such clear information as Dr. Rabin does. He is awesome! My appointment is always on time and the staff is very friendly. I definitely recommend him to all people I know.


After looking for a gynecologist for over 5 years, Dr. Rabin is just what i was looking for: a doctor with a holistic approach to health care which makes most sense to me. Very friendly, nice and knowledgeable. Glad he moved to CA


Every time I have had an appointment Dr Rabin and his staff are welcoming. I like that the fact that I don’t feel rushed. If I questions he genuinely cares when responding and and I don’t feel like a number. Great communication!


Dr. Rabin and his staff are wonderful! He came highly recommended and he lived up to that praise. He was very professional and very friendly. All my concerns were addressed, and he found prescription solutions that fit in with my insurance. He’s great!


I have been to a number of different OB/GYNs, and none of them have ever been as amazingly sincere, friendly, and knowledgable as Dr Rabin.  After a horrifying experience at Kaiser with my previous Implanon removal, I researched for weeks to find a trusted specialist to remove my last implant, and a close friend recommended I try to get in with Dr Rabin.  I switched insurance plans, made the appointment with Dr Rabin’s office, and had an unbelievably pleasant experience!  He not only made the removal procedure completely painless and comfortable, but he also kept me laughing and clarified a number of different concerns I had in regards to birth control and hormonal side effects.  

I just went in for my second visit and had the usually dreaded annual pap with Dr Rabin.  To my surprise, it was nothing like all the previous paps I have had over the years (rushed, awkward, painful, etc).  He kept me informed the entire time, still throwing in a few funny jokes and educational facts.  The exam was very comfortable, thorough, and I didn’t feel rushed at all.  He answered all my many questions and gave me some very helpful tips. The staff is friendly, the office is clean, and it is an overall wonderful experience everytime I visit Dr Rabin!

FACT: It is very rare to brag about your OB/GYN to friends, but I have been referring Dr Rabin to all my lady friends because he truly is a one in a million!

Riss C

23 yo female and this was my First time being at a gyno. 

Dr. Rabin was super helpful, friendly, and explained everything thoroughly. He made sure I wasn’t nervous and made sure I wasn’t in any discomfort. He was professional throughout and gave me great advice! 

He’s cheerful and made my day! I would highly recommend him.

Oh, and he has a good sense of humor. I will be visiting again next year :)

Jessica K

I searched and searched for a new GYN I would/could love. After reading several reviews on yelp, online, etc. I decided to give Dr.Rabin a try and am I beyond glad I did! Every positive comment was true, I’m glad I’ve found the best GYN in the world!

Trinecia M

I tell all my friends about Dr. Rabin. His office staff are pleasant from calling to make an appointment and while I am there as a patient. Dr. Rabin is very Informative and never makes you feel rushed, and his follow up to all test has been great.


Stop looking for an OBGYN, you found the best one! I went to see Dr Rabin for an IUD insertion. My first appointment I was nervous and not only did he listen to my concerns and answer all my questions, but he also was hilarious! Put me right at ease. When I left, I told my friend, “you have to go see this guy.. and also… I kinda want to friend him on Facebook.” haha! He was that personable! Paraguard IUD insertion appointment was just as smooth. He was very gentle and explained everything. Honestly I hardly felt it. Only complaint is parking in the building. I’d say save yourself the money and spend a few extra minutes finding street parking. Other than that, … A+

Susan S

A nurse’s doctor! As a labor & delivery nurse, I know the importance of having a knowledgeable and professional physician that also makes you feel comfortable. Dr. Rabin is an excellent physician and made my annual exam a pleasant experience. He’s one of the best physicians I’ve ever seen. Mari D.

Dr. Steven Rabin is ~AH-MAY-ZING~!!!!! :) :) :) He definitely lived up to the expectations of all these raving reviews. He is a ball of energy and communicates very well. He listens before he speaks and did a great job putting me at ease my entire visit. I was in and out in about 30 minutes. The best part is…. this Dr. actually has a SENSE OF HUMOR!!!! How rare is that?!?

UPDATE: After my check up, I immediate got a call from the Dr. Rabin himself going over my results (on a Saturday, no less!) I was astounded that he would take his personal time to make the call and to give me an update. He is extremely patient and will answer any questions/concerns. He’ll even give you more information than you expect and explain things doctors know but are too lazy to tell you because they are rushing you out the door/off the phone. He is very thorough and I sense he truly cares about my health… He is a rare gem of a doctor for sure! Go see him, and you will know exactly what I mean!!! Thank you, THANK YOU Dr. Rabin!!!

M W.

Never did I think I would ever say this but, I LOVE my OBGYN. Wow, so refreshing to meet a doctor who takes his time, is so knowledgeable, and easy going. Right away he made me feel very comfortable, took his time discussing all of my options. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this doctor. Thank you Dr. Rabin for being so amazing!

Emily B.

My whole visit to Dr. Steven Rabin’s office went above and beyond. I have been bouncing from OBGYN to OBGYN with the hopes of finding someone who is actually interested in my health. I have had a lot of experiences lately where it feels like the doctor is annoyed that I am even there asking for their help. From the minute I walked to Dr. Rabin’s office his staff was friendly and most importantly on-time. I was seen quickly and when Dr. Rabin came in I felt for the first time in a long time that this is a doctor that still cares about his practice and his patients. I will definitely be back and would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new OBGYN.
Kimberly A.

I just moved here from Texas and was trying to find a good gynecologist and came across Dr Rabin. I could not be happier! I had my appointment this morning and he was beyond great. He made me feel so comfortable and talked about everything I needed to know thoroughly. He was amazing and am so pleased!

Emily H

My visit with Dr. Rabin lived up to all the expectations I had had before entering his office. He has excellent reviews online from dozens of satisfied patients, and now I understand why. He was very professional yet personable, and put me at ease before my exam. No awkwardness at all. He was also patient in listening to and answering all my questions thoroughly. I have already recommended him to a couple friends who are looking for a new gynecologist.
Cyber B.

There is nothing negative I could say or any suggestions I could make to improve my experience with Dr Rabin – it was that good. On line appointment making with a real human calling to confirm- terrific, Forms on line so I could file them out at my convenience. Dr saw me on time and took the time to talk to me. Others’ reviews about his willingness to take the time to explain what is happening with a woman’s crazy menopausal body were definitely accurate. I called the office with questions about my medication and the doctor called me back within hours, had my chart in front of him and spent easily 15 minutes with me answering all my questions. I was so grateful as it alleviated some worries I had. His office runs so efficiently and the staff is nice and don’t appear frazzled or rushed. The professionalism and kindness from everyone is sadly not the norm anymore and is much appreciated.
Susan D.

WOW!! I cannot say enough or rave enough about Dr. Rabin. For the past 8 months I have literally been to see 5 different doctors (both OBGYN and endocrinologist alike) as I haven’t been feeling well. Like everyone else, I know my body and I knew I had some kind of hormonal imbalance. Things didn’t feel right. I’ve been gaining weight, couldn’t sleep, having a lot of anxiety, so much so I’ve been to the ER 3 xs these past year. I’ve had countless blood tests done and all of the doctors just wanted to medicate me with antidepressants. According to them, “your (my) symptoms could be attributed to depression.” Just last week I went to UCLA’s premiere OBGYN department and met with a rather cold and clinical Dr. (female) who also immediately wanted to put me on SSRI’s and proceeded to refer me to the Women’s Mental Health Center. I literally left there feeling deflated and believing that maybe I really was just depressed, I mean, I could be wrong, right? WRONG!! I share all of this because if it wasn’t for my BFF insisting I see Dr. Rabin, I would be another medicated woman… a woman every other doctor dismissed and gave up on… BUT NOT Dr. Rabin. He listened to every one of my concerns, he reviewed ALL of my bloodwork (and there was quite a bit) and asked questions like, “What protocol were you given for your low Vitamin D?” I told him I was advised to just take an over the counter supplement. He shook his head and said, “With you low levels of Vitamin D you need prescription strength doses. You’re at 20, anything below 30 needs to be treated with higher doses than what is out there.” On the spot he gave me a 15 week regimen and I’m now on my way to improving my vitamin D. I felt validated. Dr. Rabin listened and validated my concerns. Thank you sooo much Dr. Rabin for listening to me, for caring enough to believe and know that I’m not depressed, that my anxiety could be caused by oh perhaps estrogen dominance. Thank you for being so engaged in your practice and continuing education to know that sometimes, it really is a hormonal imbalance and not straight up depression. Thank you for putting me on a regimen where I’m starting to feel better and on my way to feeling normal again. It’s amazing how one’s hormones can wreak havoc on one’s body and mind and spirit. I am so grateful for Dr. Rabin. For the first time in months I am hopeful and feel confident I’m on the right path.

Blanca G.

First of all I am an MD myself so know when a physician is good.  I had just moved to Studio City and was looking for a new gynecologist and found Dr Rabin from my insurance provider site.  Since all I needed was basic stuff I didnt think I really needed to be picky.  Boy I was happy when I hit the jackpot.  The first thing I noticed was that on my first visit he didn’t have me fill out a history form.  Instead he took the history himself!  Doctors don’t normally do that anymore.  It gave him time to get to know me.  There was hardly no wait.  He even caught an error in my HRT and didn’t yell at me for prescribing my own meds…  He sent my prescription to my pharmacy and discussed some additional labs I needed.  He was such a nice guy to talk to.  First time I enjoyed my annual exam.

Lisa W.

Dr. Rabin has been a miracle worker in my life. I was struggling emotionally and physically and trying to do all I could to hold myself together. It just wasn’t working, like it use too. I had gone to a psychiatrist and was given medicine to handle the anxiety and depression, that didn’t work and I began to search out help with my hormones, one one my friends had gone to Dr. Rabin and had a great experience. I then made an appointment with him myself. Wow, what an experience. He was what every women wants and needs, a Doctor who is attentive and listened to all my issues, he prescribed me some bio-identical hormones, and by the next three days I was feeling better. I have been on them (with one adjustment) for three to four months and I am feeling much better, more balance, more sleep, NO MORE itching (Yea) and my anxiety is so much lower than ever. since I started going, three or four of my other friends go to him to, we are SUCH better friends now! We get along so much better without our hormones being so out of control.  Thank you Dr. Rabin. Yes, and you can use my name.

Kathleen B.

Dr. Rabin saved my life!!!! I was unaware how deeply depressed I had become due to a hormone imbalance. I skeptically made a appt. with him after my husband begged me to look into BHRT’s. Within a week of treatment, I started to realize how much of “me” had slipped away since my hysterectomy 10 years earlier and that I wanted it back. Within a month, I got a new hairdo and started exercising again. Within 3 months, people at work started commenting on how well I looked and how my work performance has improved. Not only has the medication made a profound difference in my life, Dr. Rabin’s good nature and and easy demeanor makes it easy to communicate with him. I have recommended him to several women that I work with and they all feel the same – he’s a doctor that really listens and cares. Thanks, doc! You gave me my ‘mojo’ back!


I had my appointment today with Dr. Rabin after not having a gyn appt. in 10 years! I felt immediately at ease with Dr. Rabin’s professionalism and charm. I felt like I was talking with my best friend after 5 minutes. I am having some pre menopausal problems and I know with Dr. Rabin’s help, I’ll feel great again soon. I can’t wait for my teenager to have to see a gynecologist….she’s going right to Dr. Rabin!!


I’ve spent the last 10 years struggling with fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, and all other menopausal related symptoms… Last year at the age of 55, my gynecologist would no longer allow me to be on birth control and I spent the last year with full blown menopause related symptoms. I could have been the poster child for menopause! After listening to Oprah Winfrey’s show on bioidenticals and reading Suzanne Somers book on bioidenticals, I decided I needed to pursue this avenue of action. I found Dr. Rabin and I now have my life back! I will never go to anyone else again. Dr. Rabin spent time with me on my first visit listening to my symptoms and explaining to me my options. He took a blood test and he prescribed a hormone package for me and after only three weeks I feel like me again. Even the fatigue is gone! I urge anyone that is struggling with menopause to call Dr. Rabin. Life is too short too waste. Give yourself the quality of life you deserve.


The best thing that my current GYN office did was refer me to Dr. Rabin.  OMG!  Dr. Rabin is Fabulous! He gets right to the heart of the problem. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Rabin for less than one month. I’m looking forward to my second visit because my first visit was incredible. His patience and the time that he spends with you to identify your individual situation is fantastic! His energy is intoxicating!


January 29th, 2016.
Dr. Rabin is the best! He listens to you and address all your concerns as opposed to my previous doctor. I changed gynecologists and found Dr. Rabin online when I was desperately looking for a doctor that would listen. Dr. Rabin saved my life!


Please take a moment and make that call, make sure you take your husband because his input and knowledge that he will learn from Dr. Rabin is very important to your success. My husband stated that had he not gone with me, he would have considered it just another gimmick. Your husband will also be very excited to hear how Dr. Rabin’s course of treatment will absolutely improve your sex drive and desire. Having a loving family that wants the old you back will make the transition so much easier. I am finally beginning to feel like a woman again. We do not have to suffer as I mother’s did. Please do yourself well and call Dr. Rabin today.

Elizabeth F.

So how many of you go to a doctor’s office feeling like a number and unable to feel satisfied that your concerns were really heard?! Okay, that was me up until today. I’ve found my GYN for life (or until my insurance runs out, lol). But really, this doctor is professional, he allows you to voice your concerns, you don’t feel rushed and on top of that, I don’t even remember him performing my Pap smear. That is how efficient this doctor is. Also, I’m really excited that I left his office feeling peaceful and trustful that whatever is going on with me, he was going to figure it out. Give him a chance, you won’t be disappointed. Equivalent to finding the best hair dresser and knowing you’re in good hands.

Erika M.

Why would you go anywhere else? If you want to research and see other doctors for years like I did, go ahead. It took one visit with Dr. Rabin and one bio-identical hormone RX to make me feel absolutely 20 years younger and I mean 20! I really wish I had found him before. I was really skeptical; however, Dr. Rabin is not only a doctor with the right answers (right foe ME), he also genuinely cares about you as a person! I am sleeping every night. I have no hot flashes and no night sweats. I have had these issues for years and I was miserable. Now, I am just great and look forward to my day!


Dr. Rabin is absolutely fantastic! He is friendly and outgoing, while still being professional. He takes the time to discuss any issues and has great beside manner. His staff is kind and had me seen back the doctor in under ten minutes. I am especially squeamish at the OBGYN, but he put me at ease and my whole Well-woman exam was painless. I will be returning annually.

Heather L.

Dr. Rabin is the best ob-gyn I have seen in 7 years! The new patient in-take was so professional and it’s been a really long time since a doctor made me feel like an equal, and like they were really attending to my health. He interviewed me about my personal health and medical history for about 15 min before the examination and answered so many questions that I have had for years and never crossed a doctor that would take the time to answer them fully. I’ve already told three of my friends!

Allison W.

Last year I had a hysterectomy and went into surgically induced menopause. My hormones have been all over the place and i saw 2 doctors prior to Dr. Rabin who couldn’t help me. Dr. Rabin assured me we would figure it out. He was right! Yay!!


Last year I had a hysterectomy and went into surgically induced menopause. My hormones have been all over the place and i saw 2 doctors prior to Dr. Rabin who couldn’t help me. Dr. Rabin assured me we would figure it out. He was right! Yay!!


Last year I had a hysterectomy and went into surgically induced menopause. My hormones have been all over the place and i saw 2 doctors prior to Dr. Rabin who couldn’t help me. Dr. Rabin assured me we would figure it out. He was right! Yay!!


Last year I had a hysterectomy and went into surgically induced menopause. My hormones have been all over the place and i saw 2 doctors prior to Dr. Rabin who couldn’t help me. Dr. Rabin assured me we would figure it out. He was right! Yay!!