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Sexual Dysfunction


“Postmenopausal women who have lost interest in sex may be able to bring their libidos back to life with a testosterone patch, according to new research published this week in The New England Journal of Medicine.”

Doctor Steven Rabin in Burbank is amongst the leading bioidentical testosterone therapy physicians and has been prescribing bioidentical testosterone cream, gel, and hormone pellets for women for over 19 years.  You can safely restore the small but oh-so-important levels that women normally enjoy.  There is a dramatic difference in how you feel.  A general sense of well being can be restored.  Reclaim your competitive edge without becoming aggressive.  Sexual thoughts, desire, fantasy and responsiveness is often restored.

Bioidentical testosterone is identical to the form women (and men) normally produce.  A low dose may be sufficient for most women.  Compounded prescriptions can be prescribed when the standard doses are not appropriate in individual situations.  You may need more or less. An FDA approved patch is not quite yet available for physicians to prescribe.

Becoming hormonally balanced first with adequate estrogen and balanced with bioidentical progesterone can help many sexual problems.  If problems persist, then testosterone can be considered.  Checking your hormone levels can help guide therapy. Close follow up can reduce risks of excess.

Dr. Rabin helps hundreds of women benefit from Bioidentical Hormone Treatment, Bioidentical Testosterone, Progesterone, Estradiol, Estriol and DHEA. 

Many perimenopausal and menopausal woman may benefit from restoring and re-balancing these essential hormones.

For many women, sexual dysfunction is a difficult topic to discuss. We can address any sexual issues you may have in a respectful and comfortable manner. We make it comfortable to discuss these personal matters with the utmost privacy, confidentiality, and professionalism. We can discuss your concerns, such as desire, libido, arousal, orgasm, and pain problems.  After discovering the basis of the problem, we will develop a plan based on your goals and expectations, as a woman and as a couple.  For your convenience, we offer a variety of resources, advice, prescriptions, exercises and referrals to qualified counselors.

Libido, Arousal, Delayed Orgasm Response, Exercise Tolerance, Bone Health, Sexual Health, Bladder Health, Vaginal Moisture and Elasticity…all depend upon a proper balance of hormones.  Many times, a low dose of bioidentical hormones can resolve these changes that occur when hormone levels decline.

Hormone balance may be at the root of the problem.  Low estrogen, testosterone and progesterone may be to blame.

Get tested; be heard.

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