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The annual well-woman gyn exam is an opportunity!  It’s more than simply screening for breast and cervical cancer. It’s more than just refiling your prescriptions.

This is an opportunity to assess your health, your balance, your vitality, your sexuality!

Having a visit like this allows us to identify parts of your health, parts of your life that might need some attention.

The appointment may be primarily for screening and prevention, but we want help you achieve a higher level of wellness!

If during your annual exam, we identify an aspect of your health that needs attention, we can order tests, or other studies and schedule a follow up appointment so we can give you the time and attention you deserve.

Come for your annual exam, leave with a plan to improve your health beyond the pap and mammogram!

Please look through our website to see what this means to you, your health, and ultimately your ability to fulfill all the jobs and roles you play in your life.

For more information about Dr. Rabin, gynecology specialist in California, or about our gynecology solutions in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, contact us today.

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