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Hormone Truth

Does This Sound familiar: 

Decreased sexual interest or response, mood swings, hot flashes, fatigue, anxious, depressed, dryness, heavy or irregular periods?

The Truth Is…
  • Hormones are essential to your life and your health
  • When it comes to feeling well, balance is the key.
  • Diet, stress, lack of sleep, medications and other “modern-society factors” can cause life-altering and even cancer-causing changes to your delicate hormone system
The Truth Is…
  • Understanding how hormone deficiency (or excess) can cause many common pre menopause symptoms and menopause symptoms will reveal new options for you to consider
  • Bioidentical Hormones are an important tool to help restore and rebalance your delicate system
  • Your decision-making process will be guided with knowledge. You can change your body’s chemistry by changing some daily habits like diet, sleep, managing stress, taking vitamins, targeted supplements and more
  • Prescriptions for synthetic hormones need not be the first choice as you strive to restore the balance you once enjoyed
The Truth Is…

There are options to help these symptoms of hormone imbalance:

  1. Moodiness
  2. Fatigue
  3. Loss of libido, or sexual enjoyment
  4. Hot flashes
  5. Dryness
  6. Heavy periods
  7. Painful periods
  8. Insomnia
  9. Depression
  10. Anxiety

You deserve to understand how hormones may be related to your symptoms. You deserve to have the right tests ordered, and you deserve complete consideration of the results in light of your symptoms.

Hormone Truth is the cornerstone of the practice of Steven A. Rabin, MD. Whether you are experiencing pre menopause symptoms or are in the full stages of menopause, Dr. Rabin will take the time to understand your symptoms and how they affect your life. Together you will explore the options you may have, not just write a prescription for antidepressants and send you on your way.

The confusion expressed in the news headlines about what is right and wrong about hormones has caused unnecessary anxiety and difficulty for women who are trying to make a decision. Are you having a hard time making sense of the information? Would you like some help making your own, very personalized decision?

We all have and need hormones. Some hormones are essential to maintain life! With abnormal, excessive, deficient or unbalanced level, we may live miserably. These imbalances can cause health problems and they can even cause cancer. The diabetic needs insulin; those with sluggish thyroids need thyroid! Is there any question about that?

The natural existence of hormones in our bodies and the balance we humans are programmed to maintain is challenged daily by the lives we lead (stress, lack of sleep), the foods we eat (highly processed and refined carbs) and the chemicals we are exposed to. Even the fat around our middle causes dangerous and cancer-promoting changes that we do not have to accept.

Dr. Rabin is not going to push you to make any particular decision.  He will help you work through the process and together, you will come up with a decision that makes the most sense to you.

We strive to educate, enlighten, and help our patients understand their symptoms as a result of some underlying hormonal, dietary or stress related cause. Once we uncover those challenges we work on them. By removing the obstacles to health, your body can return to the healthy balanced state it was programmed to maintain.

The truth is, our hormone levels change every day, throughout the month and with every year and decade of our lives. There are consequences of those changes, and many are not too pleasant. We live longer lives (on average) than ever before. So the years of decay and disability, of dryness, mental confusion, hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, dry skin, thinning hair, and fatigue (pre menopause symptoms may start around age 35 – 45) can plague us for another 40 – 50 years given the life span of humans today in our sophisticated world!

What are you willing to do to help your health span equal your life span??
  • You are unique and your body chemistry is as unique as your fingerprint.
  • Why be treated with a “one-size-fits-all” solution?
  • You shop for clothes that fit, shoes that fit, and eat meals that satisfy your particular tastes!
  • Why should managing your menopausal and premenopausal symptoms be any different?
  • Wouldn’t it be amazing if your particular set of symptoms, health goals and hormone levels were recognized as unique and important?
  • There are at least 12 different profiles of menopausal symptoms
  • Which one are you?
Does your  doctor treat you with the same pill, at the same dose as his/her last 100 patients?
  • Do you think that a cookie cutter approach is really the best way?
  • Everyone experiences hormonal changes differently.
  • And over time, little by little, you continue to change. Your needs and your dose today may not be the same as they will be in 2 years.

Are you beginning to see that there really might be a better way?
You are probably wondering why all physicians don’t practice this way.

Come meet your new Gynecologist.

Call our gynecology and menopause treatment center in California today to schedule your appointment!

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Here is a general outline of how we take care of our new Hormone Consultations:

Hormone Consultations and New Patients for Dr. Rabin.

Generally the visits look like this:

1st visit

  • Assessment
  • Meet with Dr. Rabin to review your symptoms and your history
  • Order appropriate labs and tests
  • Recommendations will be made and plan will start to take form
  • Schedule a follow up in 1-2 weeks to review labs and formalize a plan

2nd Visit (about 1-2 weeks later)

  • Review the lab results
  • Review your initial response if you’ve made some changes since your first visit
  • Write new prescriptions based on your symptoms, medical history and lab results
  • Plan follow up date and specifics for next lab test if necessary
  • It may take 3-10 weeks to feel the effects of a new or changed prescription
  • Phone consultations are a convenient way to follow up.  Though not covered by insurance, our clients have found this to be a great time saver and worthwhile.  Make your follow up call at

Don’t forget, we specialize in general and surgical GYN care!  Keep up with your Annual Exam at yearly intervals.  Schedule your annual appointments with Dr. Rabin (not at the same time as a hormone consultation or follow up).  We will keep you up-to-date with your Pap Smear, in certain circumstances we use Transvaginal Ultrasound of the Uterus, endometrial lining, and Ovaries, Breast exam, and we help you schedule a Mammogram, and Bone Density test.

3rd Visit (about 3 months later)

  • If your plan included follow up blood testing, be certain to do this at least 10-14 days efore the Visit
  • Do the Labs while Using All of Your Prescriptions
  • Have your blood drawn 10-14 hours after your most recent dose of hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, any of the creams or pills)-have blood drawn on the arm not rubbed with hormone cream most recently.
  • Use both cream/gel and pill in the evenings for the week leading up to the test and use them the night before the blood test is done
  • If you take thyroid meds every morning, just hold off on your morning dose only on the day of lab testing (take pill after blood is drawn)
  • You only need to be fasting if we are checking for cholesterol or insulin lavels
  • We will review your labs at the visit (takes about 2 weeks to get all the labs back)
  • Changes to the prescriptions can be made at this visit, Write down your questions in order of importance so we can get to the most important ones as time permits
  • Schedule Your Annual exam with pap if due
  • We cannot combine any of these hormone consultation with your annual well visit.

Future Visits every 4-6 months based on individual situation.  Labs done based on your individual situation.

  • Only needed when adjustments seem to be needed based on your symptoms
  • For testosterone refills (cannot get more than 6 months from one prescription)

Additional visits at our menopause treatment center in California may be scheduled as needed.

Due to the importance, intensity, and time involved in reviewing hormone problems, response or lack of response to prescriptions, we cannot care for you via unscheduled phone calls.  At each visit’s conclusion…Make a follow up appointment to get the answers and explanations you deserve.

If you prefer to follow up or consult over the phone, you may schedule a phone visit!  It is convenient, avoids driving time, parking and waiting.  Although it is not covered by insurance, all of our phone clients have found it to be extremely valuable and convenient. 

Go to for all the details and to schedule your private phone appointment!


Call for an office visit if you are having unscheduled bleeding past the first 3 months of initiation hormone use.

After your initial year, there would typically be only two visits per year to continue therapy with Dr. Rabin.

We are a full-service gynecological practice and hope to become your primary gynecologist for all of your routine and specialized women’s health care needs.  Dr. Rabin is a board certified gynecologist and performs procedures in the office as well as outpatient and major gynecological at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center.

You are encouraged to attend his lectures, seminars and programs covering many topics of interest. Other educational programs are offered.

Dr. Rabin can speak to your group on women’s health topics.  Please call to inquire about this.

You are encouraged to improve your diet, sleeping patterns, exercise routine, vitamin and supplement use, and continue to learn about optimizing your health and vitality.


Dr. Steven A. Rabin has been offering hormone pellet therapy, bio-identical hormones, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and other related treatments for over 19 years. If you are looking for a new gynecologist, you may have found your answer.  Serving Burbank, Glendale, Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, Encino, Beverly Hills, Woodland Hills, Van Nuys, Northridge, and Los Angeles.