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Hormone Balance & Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Advanced Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Your body chemistry is as unique as your fingerprint.  We recognize that women experience hormonal changes and hormonal-related symptoms differently. Premenopause, peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause are all phases that women experience; but everyone’s experience may be different.

Hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, vitamin D and many other factors and conditions need to be considered when trying to achieve balance.

As one of the leading bioidentical testosterone specialists, Dr. Rabin believes in presenting you with a full-spectrum of options to meet your unique needs, including hormone replacement therapy, bioidentical hormone therapy options, hormone pellet therapy for women, vitamin and supplements, diet modifications, exercise recommendations, sleep improvement, and prescription medications. We also realize that your symptoms and hormone levels fluctuate and we are prepared to monitor your results and adjust your treatment plan over time to help you thrive.

We listen to your concerns and believe that your symptoms are real. To help learn even more about you, we carefully consider all of your symptoms and lab results. After determining your unique symptom profile, we will help you identify your health and treatment goals.

To schedule an appointment with an experienced bioidentical hormone doctor in California and discuss bioidentical hormone therapy options, contact us today.