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Gynecological Surgery

Preparing for surgery begins with making a good diagnosis.  It starts by listening to you.    Then with a careful exam and considering which tests to order, we start to narrow down the possible causes of your condition. Gyn specialist Steven Rabin practices in Burbank, California.

On staff at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center and Glendale Outpatient Surgery Center for surgery and procedures.

Dr. Rabin is an experienced GYN surgeon who uses surgery as a last resort!  If you and the doctor decide that surgery is the right option, then the preparations will begin.  From scheduling your procedure to understanding what to expect before, during and afterwards, you will understand what is going on in a way that gives you the comfort and confidence you deserve.

You will be given advice on your diet, which supplements to take and other ways to prepare for surgery and aftercare so you’ll have the best possible recovery and outcome.

Second Opinions?

Call us if you are looking for a second opinion before your have a surgery.  Dr. Rabin is a gynecologist in Burbank, CA, who is frequently asked to review records, ultrasounds and to re-evaluate women who are considering surgery.  Hysterectomy is not always your only option.  At times it may truly be your best option, but if your situation is not an emergency, and you are looking for reassurance or a more expansive explanation of your condition and options, Steven A. Rabin, M.D. is someone you might want to visit.

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