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The Issue is the Tissue: FAQ’s about MonaLisa Touch

By Steven A. Rabin, MD, FACOG What is the MonaLisa Touch? MonaLisa Touch is an absolutely, revolutionary, nothing-like-it-before treatment that we now have to help women with problems due to vaginal atrophy. MonaLisa Touch at Advanced Gynecology Solutions is the same... read more

SmartLipo: Twice the Benefits—Remove the Fat AND Tighten the Skin

Let’s face it, we all have those ‘trouble areas’—pockets of fat that we love to hate! Sometimes we feel like diet and exercise can’t tackle this fat. Before you lose hope, consider SmartLipo at Advanced Gynecology Solutions. SmartLipo offers 2 times the benefits... read more

3 Top Questions for the MonaLisa Touch Procedure

Mention the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment in a group of women, and 3 top questions will immediately surface: what is the MonaLisa Touch, is it painful, and what are the expected results? Let’s answer these 3 top questions that we are getting from both doctors and... read more


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