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3 Top Questions for the MonaLisa Touch Procedure

AGS_White_Smile_02Mention the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment in a group of women, and 3 top questions will immediately surface: what is the MonaLisa Touch, is it painful, and what are the expected results? Let’s answer these 3 top questions that we are getting from both doctors and patients about the revolutionary MonaLisa Touch treatment that we offer here at Advanced Gynecology Solutions. Watch Dr. Rabin’s video below!

First, what is the MonaLisa Touch treatment? This is a revolutionary treatment designed to treat vaginal atrophy, a condition that occurs in over 40% of postmenopausal women. Vaginal atrophy can cause itching, burning, dryness, and difficulty or pain having sex. Vaginal atrophy is a big problem, but many women are not coming forward to discuss it with their doctors. We haven’t had a whole lot of effective treatments until now. The MonaLisa Touch treatment is a fractional CO2 laser, similar to the laser treatment that has been used for decades to help with aging skin. This treatment is performed intravaginally here in the office at Advanced Gynecology Solutions in a matter of five minutes. Three treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart is all it takes!

Second, is it painful? No! The MonaLisa Touch treatment is virtually painless. With rare exception all we’ve heard from our patients is that they could feel the machine itself vibrating. MonaLisa Touch has not caused them any pain or discomfort. This does not require any pain medication, numbing creams, or anesthesia.

Third, what are the expected results? The MonaLisa Touch treatment restores vaginal elasticity, moisture and thickness to the skin. We measure results through the vaginal pH, how well the vagina tolerates dilation, and patient testimonials of women saying, “I feel like myself again.” The short terms results are stunning. Within the first week patients are feeling 50% to 70% better. After the second and third treatment patients are feeling 90-100% better. These results last for at least a year. At our Burbank office we are seeing patients come back for a maintenance treatment once per year, much like their annual exam.

Call us at our Burbank office to schedule your first MonaLisa Touch treatment, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rabin.  You can also contact us for scheduling or a specific question through our contact form on our website. We’d love to help you! Like us on Facebook to stay current on Promotions, Giveaways, and Events.  Follow us on Twitter @DoctorRabin! Thank you! (818) 843-8700

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  1. Having had breast cancer twice and a radical hysterectomy back in 2003-2005 in my early 40’s , I had every nightmarish menopausal symptom in the book and had long since given up hope of ever feeling better. Not one doctor warned me about what I might be looking forward to and not one doctor had anything good to say to me in re when I complained of my symptoms afterwards.
    13 years of feeling miserable was becoming unbearable. The thought of living possible another thirty years feeling this way was a really a depressing thought. At one time I had very much felt like a rose in full bloom but had been living the life of a dead weed for far too long. One of the saddest things was the inability to have intercourse with my husband – it was impossible to do because it was extremely painful. I had seen many different doctors but none offered any solution – the cancer I had was fed by estrogen so hormone therapy for the menopausal symptoms I had were not an option. I pretty much had given up all hope of ever feeling better. One night however, while at the grocery store, I found an article in ths magazine written about a procedure called the Mona Lisa Touch being offered by Dr.Steven Rabin, (OBGYN) in Burbank, a man I had seen some years ago and knew well enough to know that he is an excellent doctor. The article explained what the procedure is, who is a candidate for, what the benefits are from a treatment that takes all of five minutes to do – how the procedure is painless – restores moisture and elasticity to the vagina via a CO2 laser ridding a women of ghastly vaginal atrophy and allowing her to have the vagina of a thirty year old woman once again! I was elated to say the least and called the next day to make my appointment!
    Upon arriving, I met with a lovely woman to do the necessary paper work and felt immediately at ease. She answered all of my questions and put up with my over the top enthusiasm! I liked her immediately. We scheduled the consultation with Dr. Rabin and also the procedure itself for the following week.
    I brought my husband with me for the consult and Dr.Rabin answered all of our questions making everything make perfect sense and then the day came when the actual procedure was to be done. I could not believe how simple it was! There was no pain – it lasted all of five minutes – there was no need for anesthesia nor pain pills afterwards and the best of all is: I started feeling like myself almost immediately! It was simply a matter of a few days before I noticed a huge difference could not believe it – it truly was like a dream come true and a miracle at the same time! This was only after one treatment!
    Vaginal atrophy is real and is not something that gets better with time. To itch, feel dry, hurt and feel a discomfort “down there” constantly” with no end in sight is a dreadful feeling. To feel pain when having intercourse absolutely is horrible! To not be able to have intercourse with the man you love is terribly depressing to say the least. It makes a women feel not like a woman at all makes one feel disposable and replaceable or so it did me and I don’t think I am alone in this feeling. Now, with the Mona Lisa Touch laser treatment, there is hope for women everywhere and women no longer have to suffer – may of them in silence.
    I absolutely give a huge thumbs up to the Mona Lisa Touch and a huge thumbs up to Dr. Rabin and his wonderful staff. After one treatment, I am feeling ,much better – after the next two treatments I cannot even imagine!! It had been so very long since I had felt well that to feel well now is absolutely amazing and I highly suggest giving this a go. It is life changing in a great way and I cannot say enough about it! Please, do yourself a favor and at least inquire about – I don’t think you will be discouraged by any means – quite to the contrary!!!


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